The kitchen of TAKE is perfect for film shoot, photo shoot and the gastronomic event. We have designed it taking into account what we like to find in a good kitchen. Practical and bright, equipped with the best appliances. And with a great displaceable island perfect to gather around what we like the most: creativity and cooking.


Kitchen of 20m2
island of 180×180 in wheels to film and cook anywhere you want
rest area with fireplace
140m2 for several sets
10m linear windows with natural light
different backgrounds
lighting EQ on request
Digital station including imac with Capture One and Photoshop


Do you want to organize a cooking class or a thematic workshop? A brunch? A dinner?
Any type of group activity you can celebrate with us.
TAKE is a daylight space in the heart of Barcelona where you will find all the comforts in a place also decorated with historical reminiscences.

TAKE becomes the gastronomic space for foodies in Barcelona.
We put at your disposal all the facilities to make your project a success.
We work with the best professionals in the sector, if you prefer to relax and leave it in our hands we will be happy to give it shape from scratch.
Tell us about your project
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